Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for dedicated, effective, dynamic individuals with great interpersonal skills who want to build a career in the fitness industry.

Fitness Coach – Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Starting off as a part time position (10-20¬†hours a week) as a fitness coach working with 1-3 clients an hour. This can grow into a full time position with benefits.
  • Initially your primary job will be to perform StayFIT Blueprints with new prospects doing a medical health history, body fat testing, measurements, goal assessment, postural evaluation, flexibility testing and a functional movement screen and explain our philosophies.
  • Once you are working with clients you will be asked to follow program protocols written by the program design department, describe proper exercise technique to your clients and instill motivation and knowledge in your clients to reach their goals.
  • Work as a team with other fitness coaches to meet the company goals.

How it works:


After applying and being accepted by sending in a resume, you will be asked to do a 6 week internship at StayFIT. This is 20 hours a week minimum and is not paid. During this time you will learn the ropes of StayFIT, become a part of our culture and find out if this is the place for you long term.


We will teach you everything. Once we feel you are ready you will take your first appointment for a StayFIT Blueprint. StayFIT Blueprints will be on your hourly training shift rate. As you sign clients up and fill your schedule with membership clients you will be paid a client rate for each hour you are working with a client.


You will only need to be at the gym when you are training a client. Your job will be to keep your clients and take any new ones that you have time for. The next step is to maintain 32-40 client hours a week and become a full time employee on salary with benefits. We only promote from within the company.


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