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Meet our Team!

We work very closely as a team here at StayFIT, so you’ll probably meet and work with each of our team at some point while you’re working out. The program you are given to train with remains exactly the same, and will change every 4-6 weeks – regardless of who the fitness coach you are working out with is.

Your schedule is the most important factor to us in determining who we assign to work with you. Check out each team member’s bio below.


Breann Zweck


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Breann has enjoyed making people feel better, since she was a young child. Her dad frequently requested her to wrap his sore swollen knees after a hard day of working on the farm. This influenced her decision to attend college as to learn how to wrap knees effectively and more importantly prevent injuries. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, with a degree in Health and Human Performance, she moved from Minnesota to Roseville. Upon moving to California, she went to the Healing Arts Institute to become a certified massage therapist. She is also a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Accepting a position in health education at Kaiser Permanente allowed her to work with patients with 40+ pounds to lose. Breann helps people to change utilizing behavior modification strategies. As a personal trainer she learned a lot about human movement and what she likes to call pre-habilitation. She believes in continuing education and is always keeping up on the newest research. Healthy living is something she enjoys sharing with others. She believes it is important to stay fit no matter your age, gender, or capability. Breann always enjoys a new challenge. On the weekends you can catch her running a short race, training for an Ironman, a Ragnar, Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash. She is constantly encouraging members to try a new race or adventure. Nothing makes her happier than seeing someone try something new.





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